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icone maps 1 rue des Combets | 21410 Fleurey-sur-Ouche


icone maps 1 rue des Combets | 21410 Fleurey-sur-Ouche

Once upon a time ...


Establishment of the company

Mr. Fauroy started producing authentic mustard to capitalize on Burgundy’s heritage: FAUROY mustards were distributed to local retailers.


Takeover of the company by Mr. THEVENIAUD

The company develops nationally in France and also begins to export, in particular to Switzerland, Canada and the USA.


Exporters’ Silver Medal

Over the years, the business grew both domestically and in export and was awarded the exporter’s silver medal.


Creation of the new and current company REINE DE DIJON

Swiss company W. LEUENBERGER acquires the business.


Reine de Dijon becomes a subsidiary of the DEVELEY Group

DEVELEY is a German family group specializing in mustard and condiments


Reine de Dijon :
pioneer for organic mustards

Production of organic mustard takes off with certification by Ecocert


McDonald's condiment sauces

Expansion of the factory to integrate sauce manufacturing.


Reine de Dijon : 100% French seed mustards

For its 175th anniversary, Reine de Dijon produces mustards with mustard seeds 100% grown in France (excluding organic mustards).


Reine de Dijon removes the preservatives from its mustards

For its 180th anniversary, Reine de Dijon reinvents its recipes and produces its mustards with mustard seeds 100% grown in France and without preservatives.


REINE DE DIJON is the 3rd biggest French mustard manufacturer

The company exports its products and those of the DEVELEY Group to more than 50 countries around the world.

Reine de Dijon

1 rue des Combets

21410 Fleurey-sur-Ouche

Tel : 03 80 76 05 10

Email : contact@reinededijon.fr


Reine de Dijon, fabricant de moutardes aux graines 100% françaises, porte haut les couleurs de la Bourgogne à travers le monde entier.

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