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icone maps 1 rue des Combets | 21410 Fleurey-sur-Ouche


icone maps 1 rue des Combets | 21410 Fleurey-sur-Ouche

Manufacturing secrets

Mustard, what is it exactly?

Originally, mustard seed, also known as the “seed of senevé” is a spice.

It comes from a plant, a pretty plant with yellow flowers. Be aware that there are several varieties of seeds which give different tastes.

At Reine de Dijon, we use exclusively brown seed that we mix with the classic mustard-making ingredients, vinegar, water and salt, to ensure a quality mustard, which will delight your palate and accompany your food.

With the help of a blender and a grinder, a lot of know-how and experience we produce the Queen of Mustards every day.

Why is mustard made in Dijon?

Traditionally, mustard production in France has always been located in wine growing regions such as Burgundy. This is because vinegar, one of most important ingredients for mustard, typically comes from wine.

Did you know that in the past vinegar was not originally used to produce mustard but rather «verjus»? This is a very acidic juice extracted from unripe grapes


Then in the 18th century, a master vinegar maker from Dijon, Jean Naigeon, tried replacing “verjus” with vinegar in his mustard to improve its taste. An official recipe was then defined by legal decree in 1937 and guaranteed all mustard makers used vinegar. As this discovery was found in Dijon, the mustard produced this way was called “Dijon mustard”.

A PGI was born, so what is it?

“Burgundy Mustard” is a PGI (Protected Geographical Indication), a label of quality and origin which is independently certified and guarantees authenticity for consumers.

Protected geographical indication refers to a product whose characteristics are related to the geographical location in which its production or processing takes place under specific conditions. It is a European label that protects the name of the product throughout the European Union.



You want to know our manufacturing secrets?


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