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icone maps 1 rue des Combets | 21410 Fleurey-sur-Ouche


icone maps 1 rue des Combets | 21410 Fleurey-sur-Ouche

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

CSR • (my definition)

As a subsidiary of a family business, we think about future generations and focus on sustainable economic management.

For the generations to come, we act in a way that our business is competitive and responsible.

CSR is our responsibility to future generations!

Our actions for the planet

1. Environment

The management of Reine de Dijon SAS is aware of its responsibility to the environment. Respect for the environment has been a concern for our company and its employees for several years. To meet this responsibility, we have set up an environmental and energy management system (SMEÉ). The aim is to ensure the environmental and energy performance of our sites (Fleurey sur Ouche, Sombernon and Echannay). All areas of the business are regularly inspected and improvements are often made which exceed minimum legal requirements.

We are committed to applying the requirements of DIN IN ISO 14001 and DIN IN ISO 50001 to achieve continuous performance improvement through the SMEÉ.

Our zero goals

1 0 CO2 emissions by 2022 in 3 steps:

  • Measuring energy consumption: knowing how much energy is consumed and identify the most consuming aggregates – ISO 50001 Certification
  • Increase energy efficiency to reduce consumption:
    • More efficient installations
    • Optimization processes
    • Heat recovery
    • Greener lighting
    • More efficient cooling techniques
  • Investing in renewable energy: 2014 construction of a methanisation unit to produce electricity and heat (approximately 800,000kWh of electricity per year i.e. the provision of electricity for a household of 4 to 6 people living in a house of 150 m2 in all-electric for 40 years)

2 0 waste to Landfill

This target was reached at the end of 2019.

The introduction of selective sorting on all sites (administration as well as production) has enabled us to significantly increase the percentage of our recyclable waste.

3 0 palm oil

We are committed not to use palm oil directly in our products.

2. Our collaborators


Our employees are clearly part of our priorities and are our most precious asset. We value human conditions very much. We encourage and train our employees to ensure a long professional relationship.
Workplace safety is a key part of our policy

In accordance with the provisions of the Avenir Act aimed at eliminating the gender pay gap, we publish our Professional Equality Index, which is 85/100 for the year 2020.


We regularly evaluate our suppliers taking into account their CSR commitment to complying with our ethical charter.


Our search for naturality has led us to offer our French consumers a range of mustards without preservatives in accordance with our quality commitments.

3. Our regional attachment

We produce “local” and think “global.”


Where possible we select our suppliers from local companies.

Mustard seeds:

For many years REINE DE DIJON has been part of the AMB (Burgundy Mustard Association), a local association promoting the regional cultivation of mustard seeds. The mission of this sector is to evolve the varieties of seeds to meet the expectations of producers, industrialists, partners and stocking agencies. This teamwork leads to a local and quality production.
• For Reine de Dijon brand products distributed in France, 100% of the mustard seeds used come from Burgundy.
• We also offer a PGI Certified Burgundy Mustard (Protected Geographical Indication). This indication refers to a product whose ingredients (Mustard Seed and White Wine AOP) are of Burgundy origin and which is processed in Burgundy.

Social commitment:

As an active player in local economic life, Reine de Dijon defends and supports the organization of cultural or sporting events.


Reine de Dijon

1 rue des Combets

21410 Fleurey-sur-Ouche

Tel : 03 80 76 05 10

Email : contact@reinededijon.fr


Reine de Dijon, fabricant de moutardes aux graines 100% françaises, porte haut les couleurs de la Bourgogne à travers le monde entier.

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